If A Death Has Occurred

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Offering Compassionate Support at the Time of Need

If a death has occurred and you need immediate assistance, please call us at 850-623-2205.

We know the loss of a loved one is hard, and we understand you may be facing many tough decisions at this difficult time. We're here to help. You can rest assured that your loved one will be well cared for by our dedicated and experienced professionals.

You also may want to take note of the following important information:

When death occurs in a care facility:
In most instances, the staff of the care facility will contact the funeral home of your choice if it is on record at the facility. When death appears imminent, we suggest that you notify the hospital, nursing home or hospice personnel of the funeral home you have chosen to engage. Upon death, the staff of the care facility (or hospice) will notify the funeral home on your behalf. Upon the release of the remains, the deceased will be brought from the place of death to the funeral home.

When death occurs at home:
Contact emergency (911) personnel. In most states, when a death occurs at home, the law enforcement agency in your area will need to send an officer to your home. They will assign a case number and pronounce the time of death. The officer will call the funeral home for you and arrange for the transfer of the deceased to its care. The remains may not be removed from the home by the funeral home staff until authorized by the law enforcement agency. In almost all situations, the officer responding to the death call will remain on the scene until the funeral home staff has arrived to transfer the body to the funeral home.

When death occurs under hospice care:
When someone dies and hospice is involved, contact the hospice providers instead of 911. They can notify the proper authorities and the funeral home on your behalf.