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Originating as National Cremation & Burial Society in 1973, we are the nation's oldest and largest cremation company. Cremation is our specialty.

Since our founding, National Cremation & Burial Society providers have served more than 160,000 families. Our experience has taught us much about the people who choose cremation and the reasons why they choose it. Affordable. Simple. Green. Economical. Efficient. Whatever your reason for choosing cremation, we understand the importance of your final wishes, and we have the expertise you can trust. With National Cremation & Burial Society providers, planning and purchasing a cremation service for yourself or someone else is easy and affordable.

Each cremation service is performed by dedicated professionals. When the time comes, one phone call initiates our services, including:

  • Prompt removal of your loved one from home, hospital or nursing home

  • Transportation to the crematory

  • Care and shelter of your loved one during any required holding period

  • Individual cremation service in a dignified container

  • Assistance with death certificates and required paperwork

When you use a National Cremation & Burial Society provider, you can count on our dedication to the highest standards of professional service to ensure each individual is treated with dignity and respect in all phases of the cremation process. And, you can rest assured that National Cremation & Burial Society providers meet or exceed all applicable state laws.

National Cremation & Burial Society providers:

  • Have specific standards and guidelines for identification

  • Cremate only one person at a time

  • Cremate only human remains in our crematories

  • Use only climate-controlled sheltering facilities

  • Use only trained and certified crematory operators

  • Invite the public to visit and inspect our facilities

  • Provide transferability of prearrangements to any National Cremation & Burial Society affiliate

  • Provide a 100% Service Guarantee. If we ever fail to meet your expectations, we'll make things right or refund that portion of the service.